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Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Children's Sabbath or Celebration Observance


 “Create a Better Tomorrow for all Children Today: Learn, Pray, Act”

ICM's Children's Sabbath or Celebration Observance  

The Purpose of the Observance
The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) organized the first National Observance of Children’s Sabbath® in 1992. The purpose of the Observance was threefold: 

 to unite and amplify the voice of the interfaith community to demand justice for children; 

 to inspire long-term advocacy for children; and

 to make a transforming difference in the lives of all the nation’s children. 

“With faith, commitment, and hard, persistent work, if we stand united for healthy children and for hope and healing for all children neglected and left behind in our world, God will do the rest.”Marian Wright Edelman, 2006 

The Interfaith Children’s Movement (ICM) has long participated in the Children’s Sabbath or Celebration Observance. ICM  has extended its reach by presenting this opportunity to college campuses across Georgia to collectively help ICM address and serve the needs of children throughout this state. 

Our theme is “Create a Better Tomorrow for all Children Today: Learn, Pray, Act.” 

How can we do this? 

LEARN: Make ourselves aware of the challenges children and their families face and how we can become more involved with others in meeting their needs and making their voices heard.

PRAY: Pray, collectively and individually, for all children and families, for our communities of faith, our educational institutions, our elected officials and for our governmental and advocacy organizations that we, as a society, will work together for the advancement of the well-being of all children and families.

ACT: Act upon the knowledge we have gained and the direction we have been given by God.



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