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Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Parenting Classes
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  • Putting Kids First ® - has the only Parenting Classes, Divorce Class and Co Parenting Classes that are completed totally online. Toll Free: 888-300-4707 Phone: 903-575-9241 Web site: http://www.puttingkidsfirst.org/index.html
  • Families First – An organization that provides programs throughout Georgia:


  • Family & Individual Counseling - Provides counseling services to thousands of individuals, families and couples who require assistance in overcoming difficulties in their lives. Services are provided at any of the nine counseling locations throughout metro-Atlanta. As an alternative, counseling-by-phone is available.
  • Family Violence Intervention/Anger Management – Provides programs designed to keep families safe. The goal of each educational group session is to increase the participant’s knowledge of personal issues and his/her responsibility regarding violent behavior. Participants learn non-violent responses and behaviors.

Source: Families First - Intervention: Counseling - http://www.familiesfirst.org/what-we-do/strengthening-families/


  • Parenting Groups - Group sessions that focus on concerns faced by all parents including behavior management and discipline, child development, and parent feelings and expectations.
  • Parenting Skills - Families First offers several courses and sessions that focus on concerns faced by all parents including behavior management and discipline, child development, parent feelings and expectations. They also provide young mothers with information and tools to help them accomplish their goals: pre- and post-natal counseling, childbirth education and medical care.
  • Parenting Time - Parenting Time helps non-custodial parents improve access and visitation with their children. This program is funded by the Department of Human Resources Office of Child Support Enforcement.
  • Transparenting® / Children Cope With Divorce - Both programs were created by Families First and are mandated by the courts for all divorcing parents. These educational seminars focus on how effective parenting during transition can lessen the negative impact of divorce and separation on children. The TransParenting seminars are offered in courts and other community settings in Fulton and Clayton counties located in Georgia. Children Cope with Divorce is offered in Cobb county, Georgia only. In addition, TransParenting is available nation-wide with over 200 licensed providers. Web site: http://www.transparenting.com/
  • Rollercoasters / What About Me (WAM) - Companion programs to TransParenting/Children Cope With Divorce, these programs are designed for children ages 5 to 17 who are experiencing the effects of divorce. The programs assist children in realizing that divorce is not their fault, and helps relieve stress, anger and other emotions children may experience during the course of a divorce. The eight week curriculum is available in two versions: Primary (5 to 8 year olds) and Intermediate (9 to 12 year olds). A four hour version is available for teens. The Primary and Intermediate four hour versions will be available in August, 2008. Web site: http://www.transparenting.com/

Source: Families First: Education - http://www.familiesfirst.org/what-we-do/strengthening-families/



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