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Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Neighborhood Faith In Action Groups

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What are Neighborhood Faith in Action Groups?

A group of ICM faith communities who join together as a neighborhood to advocate for and nurture the children in their local neighborhood and the broader geographical area. The group discovers the power of taking action together as neighbors to improve the lives of children.

Grow the membership and effectiveness of the Interfaith Children’s Movement to develop a strong voice for children;

Challenge us to live as universal neighbors within our community, caring for those within and beyond the membership of our faith community;

Provide an opportunity to collectively identify and take action to address an issue(s) facing children in our neighborhood; and

Nurture our children while creating a sense of community among people whose places of worship are near each other.

What is a Neighborhood Faith in Action (NFIA) meeting like?

The format of the meetings are structured to sustain our members’ commitments to being advocates for children within our faith communities and to educate ourselves about the situation of local and statewide children's issues.

Groups gather to answer the following questions:

• What kind of neighbor is my faith community?

• What do we know about the children in the neighborhood and in the larger geographical community?

• What are the assets present in my faith community?

• How can we of the local interfaith community work together to care for our local/regional children?

NFIA Groups Action Steps:

• Assess the situations of children in the local/regional community;

• Identify the needs of the children as well as the assets present in the individual faith communities;

• Pray for discernment and develop strategies to address the identified needs;

• Take action to resolve the issue(s); and

• Participate in ICM advocacy efforts that affect children statewide.

ICM Leadership:

• Provide information resources and leadership development to NFIA groups to develop a community plan of action that will effectively improve the lives of local/regional children;

• Develop partnerships with service providers and a wide network of child advocates in order to provide resources to support local and statewide initiatives; and

• Connect and mobilize the NFIA groups as universal neighbors within the larger community.



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