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Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Help for Faith Communities
  • Take steps to ensure that buildings are accessible to children with disabilities. This includes but is not limited to “Installing offset hinges to widen a door opening, installing grab bars in toilet stalls, or rearranging tables, chairs, and other furniture are all examples of barrier removal that might be undertaken to allow a child in a wheelchair to participate in a child care program.”
  • Find creative ways to make your faith community inviting to children with disabilities and their families.
  • Implement a religious education curriculum for children with disabilities. Contact your religious denomination or research online in order to obtain information on religious education curriculum for disabled children. (see “Resources” section)
  • Provide support groups for children with disabilities and their families.
  • Plan activities that are inclusive of all children. 
  • Educate members of your faith communities on child disability, and find creative ways to make your community inviting to children with disabilities and their families.
  • Make your worship service welcoming to persons with disabilities.
Other products and services available to faith communities:
  • Alternative Format Worship Resources
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Books in Alternative Formats
  • Interpreters
  • Elevators/Wheelchair Lifts
  • Religious Education Resources



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